1625 Rock Mountain Blvd Suite O

Stone Mountain, GA 30083

(678) 334-2601

4550 Home Run Blvd, Suite 300

Davenport, FL 33837

(863) 624-8040

Georgia - DOT # - 3161321      MCA # - 8816

Florida - DOT # - 3319446          IM # - 3183

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About Us

Pack It Up Moving & Storage is an Atlanta based company providing residential and business moving services. In addition to providing best in class moving services, we also offer small business 3PL warehousing and shipping services in the Atlanta, GA market from our Stone Mountain, GA warehouse facility.


The leadership has over 25 years' experience in customer service, logistics, distribution and final mile home delivery throughout the Eastern United States. With this background, we are driven to embrace a culture with all of our associates to treat every customer like family and to ensure the job is completed as agreed without hassle and on time.


Pack It Up Moving & Storage is a fully licensed company that is focused on customer excellence.

Georgia - USDOT # - 3161321    MCA# - 8816

Florida   - USDOT # - 3319446    IM    # - 3183

Insurance Coverage

Selecting a reputable moving company can be challenging in today's environment considering some companies operate without proper insurance coverage due to the expense. Pack It Up Moving & Storage carries insurance that meets requirements to make sure the customer is covered throughout the process. We are fully insured in the customer's home, on the road, and in our secure warehouse if storage is needed.​