Storage Units in Atlanta, GA and Orlando, FL

Short Term Storage

Our movers in Atlanta and Orlando have assisted in hundreds of moves. Even with the best planning, we understand closing delays can happen. Sometimes, you may not want to move all your things into your new place at once. Either way, our storage units in Atlanta and Orlando can help provide a solution. Temporarily store your items in one of our secured warehouses. We will store your items for up to a week at no additional charge.

Restoration Storage

At Pack It Up Moving and Storage, we understand there are setbacks in life from natural disasters to life mishaps. In order to restore your home, you will need to storage away some of your household items. Our residential moving company in Atlanta and Orlando can provide a service to remove items from your home and place into storage during the restoration of your home. Once the restoration is complete, we will set up the re-delivery of your items on your schedule. Contact us for details.

Long Term Storage

In some cases, you may need storage in Atlanta or storage in Orlando for longer than a week. You may have sold your home and are not ready to complete your move into your new residence. You may want to maintain a decluttered space in your new home without getting rid of your belongings. Whatever reasons you need long-term storage units in Atlanta or Orlando, we can pack, load, and put your belongings into one of our secure warehouses. Moving vaults are carefully inventoried, handled, and secured within our facilities.

Business Storage

We are also a commercial moving company and therefore we provide solutions and services to businesses in the Atlanta and Orlando areas. In addition to residential storage, Pack It Up Moving & Storage also offers short-term and long-term storage units in Atlanta and Orlando for companies. Inside one of our protected warehouses, we will store your office items in secure moving vaults. Carefully inventoried and handled, a team of our office relocation specialists will schedule and carry out re-delivery once you need them again. Contact us for details.

Pack It Up Moving & Storage offers convenient and affordable storage solutions to both residential and business clients. At our highly secure warehouses, we offer storage units in Atlanta and Orlando for a wide range of uses. Whether you are looking for temporary or long-term storage for your home or business, we have the solutions to meet your needs. Please contact us to learn more about our affordable Atlanta storage or Orlando storage options!

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