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5 Benefits of Moving During the Summer

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

The summer season officially starts this month! Get ready for sunny weather, green grass, and blooming flowers. Even if you are stuck at home because of the COVID-19 outbreak, you can still enjoy summertime, especially as a reprieve from the bone-chilling cold of Georgia winters.

If you have decided to relocate to a new home, summer may be the best time for you to schedule your move. As an Atlanta moving and storage company, our movers are experienced with completing jobs during all the seasons of the year. However, there are some advantages that come with a summer move. Here are some of the reasons to move during the summer.

Warm Weather Is Safer

It is much easier to load and transport items in warm and sunny weather conditions. You don’t have to worry about snow leaking moisture into your furniture. Your movers in Atlanta won’t have to experience high winds, icy roads, and the occasional snowstorm when transporting your items. While our moving crews can safely move during winter, relocations during summer are typically safer and less prone to delays.

School Is Out

Summer also means that your young children and even your college-age kids are out of school and staying at home. With the coronavirus pandemic, your kids are probably staying with you already. Either way, having more of your family at home right before your summer move means more people to help with the packing and moving process. A move during the summer also means you don’t have to disrupt your children’s education before moving to a new area.

Relaxed Work Schedules

Work schedules are often less busy and strict during the summer months. Many employees are taking summer vacations and end-of-year deadlines aren’t coming until much later in the year. Your employer may be more willing to accept time-off requests, which you may need to prepare for your move and for move-out day. So, finding time to move during the summer may be easier for working professionals.

More Real Estate Available

The inventory of houses and apartments available in most areas during the summer months is much higher than during the winter. This means it is easier for people to find a new home to relocate to and they will have more options. Home sales also go up in the summer, which is beneficial for those that are trying to buy a new home or need to sell their current home before moving.

Book Your Summer Move With Us

Looking for top-rated moving and packing services in Atlanta? Pack It Up Moving & Storage remains open during the COVID-19 pandemic and committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees and customers. If you are planning to move anywhere in the Atlanta metropolitan area, contact us today to receive your free moving estimate!

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