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How to Find Moving Discounts & Deals During the Summer

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Summer is typically peak season for the moving industry. Usually that means moving companies are booked for most of the day with very little space in their schedules to accommodate for more moves. The fewer movers there are available, the higher the rates they charge and the fewer discounts they offer. However, the coronavirus pandemic could change that.

Even though there are ways to safely move during COVID-19, there are many people opting to stay at home and postpone their relocations. This could mean a slower summer season, which can translate to major savings for those who want to move during the summer (there are plenty of benefits of moving during summer!). Here are some ways you can find moving discounts and deals this summer.

Go to Coupon Sites & Moving Review Aggregator Sites

Always check any discount sites before booking your professional movers in Atlanta. Search for your preferred moving company on sites like Groupon or LivingSocial and see if they are offering any moving deals. Moving companies may also offer discounts through review aggregator sites like Home Advisor or Angie’s List.

Visit Moving Company Websites and Social Media

Be sure to research your Atlanta moving and storage company by visiting their website and social media accounts. Moving companies will often advertise discounts they offer for most of the year in their websites. Instructions on how to qualify for these savings will usually be included on the site. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even LinkedIn are where movers will typically advertise their time-sensitive moving deals. So, make sure to check their most recent posts for any money-saving offers.

Check for Referral Discounts and Deals for Returning Customers

Some companies offer moving discounts to customers that were referred to them through a past customer or another business. Ask your family members, friends, or even your real estate agent to recommend a moving company to you. Word-of-mouth marketing is still incredibly important in the moving industry. Before booking any moving or packing services in Atlanta, let the moving company know you were referred to them by someone and ask if they offer a referral discount.

See If Moving Specials for Military or Senior Citizens Are Offered

Senior citizens, military service members, and veterans are recognized as important members of our society and they are often offered discounted services, including moving. Check to see if the residential moving company you are considering offers a discounted rate for military or elderly residents.

Look for Moving Discounts During Slow Periods

Moving companies are more likely to offer discounts and deals during slower periods. Typically, the winter and fall months are considered the slower season for the moving industry. Summer is usually the busiest time for movers. However, the COVID-19 pandemic may mean a slower summer season for moving companies this year. Take advantage of that and be on the lookout for any seasonal moving deals.

Call Your Preferred Moving Company and Ask

It is never wrong to ask! If you do not find any moving discounts listed online or you have any questions about the deals that are listed, give your moving company a call and ask what type of moving deals they are offering. Chances are they are offering some discounts; and if they aren’t, you can try to negotiate a reduced rate.

Pack It Up Moving & Storage remains open during the COVID-19 pandemic and committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees and customers. If you are planning to move anywhere in the Atlanta metropolitan area, contact us today to receive your free moving estimate!

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