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Reasons to Move to Atlanta

Each year the thriving cosmopolitan hub that is Atlanta, Georgia brings newcomers in search of new opportunities. The gorgeous metropolis area hosts incredible open spaces, breathtaking neighborhoods, and an expansive food and drink scene. But these are just a few reasons to move to Atlanta, GA. We asked our Pack It Up Moving & Storage team for some of their favorite reasons to live in Atlanta.

Pros of Moving to Atlanta, GA

Are you considering moving to Atlanta? The Capital of the South continues to attract migrants from around the world; these are just a few of the reasons why our team of professional movers and packers thinks people move to Atlanta.

Boomin’ Business

Our Buckhead movers believe that one of the biggest reasons to move to Atlanta, GA is because of the incredible job market and business opportunities. Businesses are booming as several Fortune 500 companies claiming Atlanta as HQ. With an extremely low unemployment rate, it is a great opportunity for people searching for a job or planning to start their own business.

Low Cost of Living

One of the biggest pros of moving to Atlanta is how inexpensive it is to call this thriving city your new home. Compared to other metropolitan areas, Atlanta has some of the lowest housing rates, giving residents the most bang for their buck.

Another great reason to move to Atlanta, GA according to our Alpharetta movers is the low utility and transportation costs. Compared to other large metropolitan cities, public transportation is significantly more cost-effective and used by many happy Atlanta residents.

Atlanta Sports Teams

Atlanta does not fall short when it comes to showing off their pride in their favorite sports teams from the NBA, NFL, MLS, MLB, or WNBA; Atlanta has it all. Playing in some of the most spectacular venues, there are always Atlanta sports teams to cheer for throughout the year. If you consider relocating to Atlanta, be sure to account for all the apple jacks and stadium hot dogs you will soon be devouring.

You can also expect to find that Atlanta is headquarters for the NBA Network as well as NBA on TNT.

Expansive Food and Drink Scene

One of the best reasons to move to Atlanta, GA according to our Stone Mountain packers is the growing food and drink scene. Known as a mecca for all things food-related, you can find hundreds of diverse restaurants throughout the city. Whether you’re in the mood for a five-dollar pizza or fine German dining, there is something to captivate everyone’s taste buds.

If you find yourself moving to Atlanta, be sure to try one of Atlanta’s specialties – soul food, fried chicken, and some of the best barbecue joints in the South.

Escape into Nature

If you are a nature-lover, then you’ll fall in love with Atlanta, GA. The city is surrounded by nature and forests, giving residents an incredible chance to unwind in the great outdoors. The state parks are some of the most breathtaking areas to explore. Our Druid Hills movers recommend going river rafting and kayaking in the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area or hiking at Morningside Nature Preserve.

There are plenty of reasons to move to Atlanta, GA – some people come to the city in search of the best barbecue joint in town while others aim to start a new life filled with beautiful neighborhoods and a friendly community.

If you are moving out for the first time to a new city or simply moving down the street, be sure to count on our Atlanta packing services and moving services. At Pack It Up Moving & Storage, our team has helped relocate and welcome plenty of new residents to their new city. If you plan on relocating to Atlanta, give us a call and receive a free moving estimate from one of our top moving consultants.

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