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The History of the Gay Pride Parade in Atlanta

Atlanta gay pride has made such an impact on the city’s culture, people, and atmosphere in the last decades that the parades and pride festival in Atlanta has become a staple of the city’s event list. For the uninitiated on this time-honored tradition, Pack It Up Moving and Storage is here to help get you up to speed! With over 25 years of experience in conducting relocations as office and home movers in the area, we have seen residents of all types and have had the pleasure of seeing plenty of new faces experience the celebrations for the first time.

The First Gay Pride Parade in Atlanta

The Atlanta gay pride festival is today known as one of the points of pride when it comes to the city’s celebrations, but it all had to begin somewhere. The first instance of this pride parade in Atlanta was in 1971, making it one of the oldest festivals of this kind in the country. The festival's history is linked to the stonewall riots, and the community banded together in solidarity with the protestors. Together they formed this pride festival in Atlanta which was attended by protestors and supporters who were looking to make a change within the country. The efforts made have been honored for 50 years, and as long as the community remains as supportive as it is known to be, it will show no signs of ending. But what does the pride parade in Atlanta look like today? And when is the Atlanta pride festival scheduled to begin?

Gay Pride in Atlanta Today

If you are interested in showing your support for the LGBTQ community in Atlanta and wish to attend the amazing pride parade in Atlanta, then be sure to know the current state of the festivities in the city. Know that today there are known to be over 300,000 thousand people expected to be in attendance for the festivities celebrating the Atlanta LGBTQ community!

The date is sometimes a point of confusion for visitors and new residents hoping to get a chance to participate in the festival. Pride month is in June. It is an honest mistake to think that the same month would hold the festivities. In truth, the pride parade in Atlanta occurs in October due to the favorable weather. Be sure to have your calendars marked for the correct date when you decide to attend.

Team Up with the Best Moving Company in Atlanta

If you are interested in moving to Atlanta or its greater area and experiencing the pride parade in this city every year, then be sure to team up with the best moving, storage, and packing company in the area. Team up with Pack It Up Moving and Storage! Get an online quote today to see just how affordable our excellent service truly is. If you wish to learn more, then be sure to contact our team or take a look at some of our other articles to learn more about all things Atlanta Relocations.

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