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A Guide to Moving Heavy Furniture and Equipment During a Move

Moving heavy furniture and equipment is an inevitable part of many moves, both commercial and residential, that people need to consider when going through an Atlanta relocation. Understanding how to lift heavy boxes correctly when you’re without movers is crucial, but so is knowing when it is time to team up with furniture movers in Atlanta during your next relocation. At Pack It Up Moving and Storage, the best movers in Atlanta, we have created this handy guide to assist people going through relocation in an area that requires heavy lifting.

How to Carry Heavy Things Without Professional Atlanta Movers?

Sometimes moving heavy furniture and equipment on your own is possible, notably when moving heavy objects downstairs will not be required, but it still necessitates a lot of help! Getting some friends who you know can carry heavy things is a must. Furniture and equipment may not just be quite heavy, but also can be very large, especially pieces such as couches and beds. The first thing to understand is the proper technique for picking up heavy objects.

  • Have a wide base of support.

  • Squat down while maintaining proper posture.

  • Grab the bottom of the equipment firmly and come back up slowly/

  • Lift with your legs, not your back!

  • Keep your pace slow and have your hips ready as directional assistance.

  • Set the furniture or equipment steady as you set it down.

These rules are critical when moving heavy equipment and furniture. If you enlist help when moving heavy objects from friends or family, make sure that they understand these steps fully and all follow the same speed and pace.

Need Some Extra Help Moving Heavy Furniture?

Moving heavy objects with friends and family serving as your Atlanta moving help can work for some specific and straightforward style relocations. But if faced with some obstacles that worry you, it would be best to team up with professional Atlanta movers. Moving companies can offer an entire team of relocation experts who, in turn, also have access to heavy furniture moving equipment that most of the population simply doesn’t have access to. If you are at all uneasy about moving heavy furniture, due to a worry of damaging items or injuring yourself, make sure you’re getting in touch with the best movers in Atlanta.

The Best Movers in Atlanta Are Ready to Help

Pack it Up Moving and Storage has over 25 years of experience performing relocations in the greater Atlanta area. Moving heavy furniture, boxes, or equipment will prove no issue to our movers, who have performed relocations of all shapes and sizes through the decades. Contact us today to learn more or read some of our other articles to get further insight! Ready to plan your move with us? Get an online quote first to see for yourself how affordable expert help can come.

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