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How to Pack a Kitchen for Moving?

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

From moving a refrigerator in kitchens to packing up dishes and smaller appliances, knowing how to pack a kitchen for moving is not as straightforward as some may believe. In fact, with the wide array of items, it can become one of the most challenging things to manage if you are planning on relocating from one home to another. The Pack it Up Moving and Storage expert movers have encountered many movers who struggle with this aspect of the moving process and have created this quick guide to make the experience smoother for those involved.

How to Pack Kitchen When Moving Kitchen Appliances?

Knowing how to pack your kitchen when having to move large appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, etc., is no easy task. Understanding that these items are all large but have varying sizes is one of the most important parts of understanding how to pack a kitchen for moving. Getting boxes that are size-specific and custom-picked for large appliances is a must. Just because ovens and refrigerators are both large doesn’t mean they are the same size.

Once the boxes have been selected, the right movers will be able to safely and efficiently transport them and deliver them with ease. If you’re looking for things to consider when moving a kitchen, then consider this, movers will be more efficient if the boxes are perfect for each item.

How to Pack Kitchen Stuff for Moving Smaller Items?

Kitchen moving boxes do not have to be so item-specific when it comes to these additions to your home. Dishes, silverware, blenders, and more are all items that should get packed in boxes with multiple sets of the same thing. Treat these items as you would any other items from your home that you are moving. If they are made from fragile material such as glass or porcelain then be sure to secure them in the boxes with safe and appropriate padding. Once all of these items are packed, the only thing left is to hire the right movers for the job!

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None of the other moving companies in Atlanta can offer the quality of service and complete dedication to moving that Pack it Up Moving and Storage provides. Contact us today if you are scheduling a move to or within the Atlanta area and require assistance.

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