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Best Neighborhoods in Atlanta for Families

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Georgia is home to one of the largest cities in the south, with a vibrant culture that continues to grow. A city can be a great place to grow and raise a family, exposing a child to the culture and the excitement and life experiences that can only be found in a large metropolitan area. As a provider of Atlanta moving and storage services, we know the city quite well and wanted to share our picks for the best neighborhoods in Atlanta for families.

Neighborhoods With Good Schools

An important factor in choosing a neighborhood to raise a family in is the quality of the surrounding schools.


This suburb is located close to downtown Atlanta and has some of the best schools in and around the city. It provides families with various other benefits, such as easy access to public transportation, which makes commuting simple for those working in the city.

Druid Hills

Druid Hills is one of the most affluent areas in Atlanta. While on the more expensive side, it does offer great schools and is close to Emory University and Emory Hospital. This location is perfect for people with family members working in the two aforementioned institutions. While it is one of the more expensive areas, it is one of the best neighborhoods in Atlanta for families to live in.

Affordable Neighborhoods in Atlanta

Raising a family is one of the greatest joys in life; however, it is not an inexpensive undertaking. Some of the best Atlanta neighborhoods for young families are those that provide more affordable living options.

Mountain Park

Mountain Park is located a bit outside the city of Atlanta, but it makes up for this distance with a low cost of living and beautiful outdoors. Stone Mountain Park, located close by, is the perfect destination for outdoor activities that children will love.

North Decatur

For families that need to be located closer to the city, one of the best neighborhoods in Atlanta for families is North Decatur. Less expensive than Decatur, this area provides an easy commute to Downtown Atlanta.

Residential Movers in Atlanta

Regardless of your specific needs in a neighborhood, Atlanta has a variety of areas that are sure to meet them. Once you’ve found the best neighborhood in Atlanta for your family, our Atlanta movers will be happy to assist.

With more than twenty-five years of experience, we offer a variety of moving and storage services, with full service moving, both local and long-distance, and a la carte options as well! Only need packing services? Our packing services in Atlanta will take the stress out of packing. All packed but need help transporting heavy furniture? Our loading and unloading services in Atlanta will do the heavy lifting.

Not every neighborhood in Atlanta is perfect for every family, just as not every moving service is needed. Pick and choose what your family needs! Contact us today to learn more about our services, or get a free price estimate!

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