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Best Packing Materials for Moving

Packing items for a move can be stressful. Placing valuable, fragile items in boxes to be transported over long distances can make you feel understandably anxious. Utilizing proper packing materials for moving can give you peace of mind and provide the best chance of your items arriving in the same condition as they were shipped.

How and When to Use Bubble Wrap

You may be surprised to hear that packing materials often should depend on the box being used rather than the items inside. The key is to eliminate the possibility of things moving around in their boxes during moving. Bubble wrap can provide a great way to safely store and ship items that are a bit too small for the box they are being sent in. Bubble wrap works great for shipping singular items that don’t fit quite snuggly in their box. Vases and urns, for example, should be placed in a box with no other items. For the best protection, line the walls and base of the box with bubble wrap. If the vase still has room to move around, pack in a few more sheets of bubble wrap around the contours of the vase so that it fits the box securely and can’t move around.

How and When to Use Packing Peanuts

Packing peanuts are another great tool for ensuring the safety of your fragile items. In addition to being able to fill spaces around objects, packing peanuts help absorb humidity. If you are moving to or from humid areas such as Atlanta, Georgia, or know that your items will be traveling through humidity, you may wish to use packing peanuts. They are great for packing electronics and metal items that can be negatively affected by high humidity levels.

How and When to Use Packing Paper

Packing paper is a lot safer than it may first seem. As a premier packing and moving service in Atlanta, Georgia, we have experience with packing paper and the benefits it can have for your move. When shipping fragile items together, such as glasses, plates, and fine china, packing paper may be your best tool. This gives you the option of being able to wrap items that must be packed close together individually. The key to this is to layer the packing paper so that it has enough thickness to transport your items safely. Packing paper has the advantage of being able to fit the form of whatever you are packing, unlike bubble wrap, which is less form-fitting.

You can also bunch up packing paper to shove in between gaps between items and the walls of the box.

Packing paper additionally has the benefit of being the most environmentally friendly packing material, as items like bubble wrap and packing peanuts are less sustainable.

Choose Experienced Movers

The final step in safely transporting your goods is to pick experienced movers who will handle your items with care. We have years of experience with both local and long-distance moving to and from the Atlanta, Georgia, area. Contact us today to schedule your move.

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