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Moving Day Essentials

The best remedy for a stressful day is proper advanced preparation. Being organized for moving day can alleviate pressure and expedite the process. At Pack It Up Moving and Storage, we have been a part of many a moving day and are experts on what helps the process move along seamlessly. We know how certain lacking items can throw a wrench into the system, which is why we have compiled some moving day essentials that we consider paramount for an efficient, stress-free move.

Items to Pack for Moving Day

Of course, we apologize for adding some more packing to do, but we know you’ll be thanking yourself later for having these recommended items on hand.

Overnight Bag

Whether you are moving directly into your new home or staying a few nights in a hotel, an overnight bag is a necessary part of moving day. Though you will want to pack light, as you will be doing a lot of lifting that day, at a minimum, you'll want a change of clothes and toiletries and any electronic chargers you may need. So, pack as you would for an overnight vacation and have this bag ready to go on moving day. A great addition to this bag is a speaker, which can significantly improve the overall mood during moving day. Lastly, an often overlooked necessary item for someone staying in a new home is a shower curtain.

Tool Bag

There's no need to overpack on this one. A pair of pliers, hammer, measuring tape, level, flashlight, masking tape, sharpies, and pen and paper should do it. While you probably won't be setting up the entire home on moving day, there will be a time where you'll be wishing for these items. Keeping them handy means that you'll be prepared for whatever moving day throws at you.

First Aid Kit

We hope you'll never need to use this, but injuries can be sustained while moving heavy objects. It is essential to be prepared in case of an emergency.

Cleaning Supplies

I'm sure once you've settled in, you plan on giving your new home a deep clean. You might, however, need some cleaning supplies on moving day as well. Who knows, you may accidentally set down a chair on a muddy yard or track in some dirt on your new hardwood floors. Whatever happens, make sure to have some paper towels, an all-purpose cleaner, a broom and dustpan, sponges, dish soap, and hand soap. For the proactive type, if you can clean your new home in advance, try to do so. Pre-cleaning will save you time and energy on moving day.

Prepare Some Snacks and Water in Advance

Moving day will be tiresome, so keep up your energy and have water and snacks ready. If you have friends or family assisting you in your move, make sure to provide food and water for them as well, it’s the least they deserve! If possible, try to stock your fridge in your new home with some water and snacks in advance. If you can’t, consider carrying a cooler with you.

Bring Clean Bedding and Pillows

You can disregard this last step if you are staying at a hotel for a night or two after moving out of your previous home. However, if you plan on sleeping in your new home on moving day, prepare yourself so that you are not resting your sore muscles on a bare mattress. Make sure to bring some clean sheets, a blanket, pillow, and pillowcase. If you are waiting on a mattress to be delivered and choose not to stay in a hotel, consider bringing a sleeping bag.

Ensure a Quick and Easy Move

Moving to or from the Atlanta area? Pack It Up Moving and Storage provides its customers with industry-leading storage, moving, and packing services in the Atlanta area. We offer both long-distance and local moving services and will ensure that your items are packed, stored, and moved securely and quickly. Contact us today to schedule your move.

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