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Helpful Tips for Moving Offices

Moving offices is an exciting marker of accomplishment for many businesses. Maybe you’ve seen a growth in employees and now need a bit more space, or possibly you are looking for a change of scenery and need to prepare to move for that? Whatever the reason may be, knowing what to do when conducting an office relocation is must-know information. Pack it Up Moving & Storage, the expert movers Atlanta trusts, have created this quick business relocation checklist for both the workspace and employees to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Our experts have serviced the Atlanta community for years and are always happy to share insights into the world of moving to help any one of our neighbors in need.

How to Organize an Office Move In Your Workspace

The first thing to analyze in our business moving checklist is how to properly prepare your soon-to-be former workplace for the office shifting about to take place. Making sure to craft an inventory of your furniture and equipment prior to moving offices is a must. You wouldn’t want to accidentally leave anything behind and then notice it’s missing once you need it most.

Your clients and partners also need to know what’s going on when you’re going through an office move. Be sure to send out notifications to anyone and everyone who needs to know about the relocation!

Our Atlanta movers recommend doing a final walkthrough with your previous office’s landlord. Ensuring that no unnecessary or unnoticed damage was done is important to ensure that everyone involved is satisfied with the move. Of course, the cornerstone of your work environment is the employees that have worked there for so long. Having them prepared for moving offices is just as important, if not more so than anything.

Getting Employees Ready for Moving Into a New Office

Getting your employees ready when it's time to move offices is an essential part of any office relocation. Our Atlanta movers suggest putting their needs at the top of priorities when moving day rolls around. Office relocations should always be focused on comfort for the employees, and you should prepare for your move while working around their day-to-day labor as much as possible.

Be sure to let all your employees know the proper codes or have the proper keys to the new place following the relocation. It’s also a must to keep them in the loop of any updates or changes in the process so that no one is losing time due to having improper information or dates when moving offices. In short, keep them informed and up-to-date with all the knowledge they will need for the relocation.

Our Commercial Movers in Atlanta, GA

If you are relocating to the area, then be sure to get the moving help you deserve by teaming up with the best Atlanta movers this city has to offer - Pack it Up Moving & Storage! Get started on your move today, whether it’s commercial or residential, or reach out to our team to learn more about our services. If you are interested in getting further insights from our experts, then be sure to read some of our other relocation articles to get information from the Atlanta professional movers you can trust.

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