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Office Relocation Tips

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Office relocation is a necessary step for growth in business and can be an exciting but stressful time. All moves benefit from careful planning and preparation, however none more so than commercial moving. As a commercial moving company, and provider of commercial moving and storage services, we’ve prepared some helpful tips for business owners that are relocating offices.


Properly planning your move will result in a quicker, and more seamless transition to your new office. Plan out specific moving dates, time frames, and schedules. It is also best to determine a moving budget beforehand. This will limit the downtime some of your employees, and therefore businesses may experience.

Mapping out a moving budget will allow you to narrow down choices for commercial moving companies, and keep you on track for an efficient move.


An important step in ensuring your office relocation occurs seamlessly is to communicate with your employees, providing them with information, schedules, and dates of closure, if necessary.

You should notify your employees of your new office’s address, any changes in building rules, and any packing or storage details that may concern them, or their work supplies.

With the emergence of work from home capabilities, you may be able to continue regular daily work even during the transition period.

During our office relocations, we have found that assigning a minimum of one employee to help handle general logistics can be a huge help during this time.

Transfer Data

We always recommend backing up data during a relocation. With cloud computing, Google Drive, and other software you may already be covered, however, one can never be too safe.

Update Address

The last step in ensuring a smooth transition to your new office is to make sure you update your contact information to your new address. This goes for business cards, social media profiles, websites, Google My Business, and anywhere your address is listed.

Hire Office Relocation Specialists

At Pack It Up Moving and Storage, we provide office relocation services to businesses in and around the Georgia area. Our team will work with you to ensure a quick and secure move of all of your office equipment. We are also skilled in providing a full office setup to get your business back up and running just as you like it. View our list of service areas to see how we can help you.

We offer full commercial moving services, however also offer specialty services to meet your specific needs. These include packing services, manual labor, loading and unloading services in Atlanta, and more!

In the need for third-party logistic services (3PL) as well? Our moving and packing professionals offer our warehouse and shipping services for small businesses in the Atlanta area. Contact our Atlanta movers today to learn more, or for a requested estimate on our prices.

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