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How Dog-Friendly Atlanta Really Is

Atlanta pets are a staple of life in this amazing city. It is a common sight to see when you are exploring around town, and some newer residents are often shocked by the sheer amount of dog-friendly things to do in Atlanta. If you are new to the area or are considering calling this place home, but you first want to know the situation for dog owners, then Pack It Up Moving and Storage, the best moving company in Atlanta and its greater area, is here to help! With over 25 years of experience conducting relocations to, from, and within the Atlanta area, our team knows a thing or two about how dog-friendly Atlanta is and presents their findings in this guide.

Dog-Friendly Things to Do in Atlanta

When anyone moves to a new area, they will naturally start to investigate what activities they can participate in. For dog owners, it is paramount to know what dog-friendly Atlanta activities they can partake in when this city becomes their new home. When you’ve finally settled into your new home, you're bound to be shocked by the number of spots for dogs in Atlanta. Everything from dog parks to pet-friendly hiking trails call this city home. Our home movers in Atlanta love nothing more than taking their dogs here for a bit of exercise along with scenic views.

Our top recommendations are:

  • Piedmont Dog Park

  • Freedom Barkway Dog Park

  • South Bend Dog Park

  • Atlantic Station Dog Park

  • Sweetwater Creek Trails

  • Arabia Mountain Trails

  • Morningside Preserve

These parks and trails are some of the best dog-friendly places in Atlanta’s area, and our team could not recommend them enough! But if you’re new to the city and want to spend quality time with your pet while also seeing some of Atlanta’s monuments and landmarks, there are plenty that facilitate dogs as well as people.

Dog-Friendly Attractions in Atlanta

Dog-friendly Atlanta parks and trails are one thing, but monuments and landmarks of the city’s people and history are other things entirely. Some of the most important pet-friendly places in Atlanta that newcomers need to see in their first few weeks here are as follows:

  • Atlanta Botanical Gardens

  • Grant Park

  • Underground Atlanta

  • Centennial Olympic Park

  • LEGOLAND Discovery Center

If you are already acquainted with the trails, parks, and landmarks listed in this guide, then be sure to remember that the best of the dog-friendly places in Atlanta are the streets of the city itself! The entire city welcomes pet owners with open arms, and going for a stroll with your furry friends is a staple of life in Georgia’s biggest city.

A Moving and Packing Company in Atlanta You Can Trust

If you are considering hiring Atlanta home movers for your next relocation to, from, or within the city, then be sure to get in touch with Pack It Up Moving and Storage and get your online estimate today! Our expert team is ready, willing, and able to make your next relocation involving our city a success like no other. See our full list of services to see what else we offer apart from home movers in Atlanta, or read some of our other blog articles to learn more about all things Atlanta relocation.

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