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How to Store Furniture

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

During a move, while renovating or cleaning your home, or perhaps when restructuring your house, you may find yourself in need of storing your furniture and belongings. Storing your possessions in a location can be stressful and worrisome, and you may understandably be wondering the proper way to store furniture.

What to Look For in Storage Units

There are a few things that you should always look for when choosing a storage unit, especially when it comes to furniture and valuable possessions.

Humidity-Controlled Storage Units

One of the most important things to look for in a storage unit is whether it has humidity control. There are various benefits of a humidity-controlled storage unit, and they are extremely important for the well-being of your belongings. Humidity can damage furniture and belongings in two ways.

The first way is when an area is too humid. In these conditions, moisture in the air can cause wood to swell, metal to rust, and electronics to be damaged. A humidity-controlled storage unit will remove any excess moisture in the air that could cause damage to your belongings, especially during long-term storage. The second way is when an area is not humid enough. Without proper humidity, furniture can become dry and brittle, which can cause it to crack.

Do I Need a Temperature Controlled Storage Unit?

Another factor to consider in storing furniture is temperature control. Typically, if a storage unit has humidity control, it will most likely have temperature control as well. For example, our storage services provide both temperature and humidity-controlled storage units. Temperatures can also cause unwanted changes to your furniture and possessions, especially if you live in an area with extreme temperature fluctuations.


Finally, when selecting storage units, the last thing to consider is whether the space has sufficient security measures. Even if your furniture and belongings aren’t of extreme value, you will be thankful for the peace of mind that storage surveillance brings. Your storage unit will, of course, have a lock on it, but we feel that any additional deterrence for theft, such as 24-hour video surveillance, can only be beneficial.

Storage Units in Atlanta

At Pack It Up Moving and Storage, we provide a variety of storage services. We offer temperature and humidity-controlled storage units for all of your storage needs. Our services include short-term, long-term, restoration, and business storage. Additionally, our storage warehouse is equipped with 24-hour video surveillance for the security of your belongings. While deciding the best ways for how to store your furniture, we recommend utilizing our expert services.

In addition to our storage solutions, we provide packing services and loading and unloading services in Atlanta. Allow us to store and transport your items safely for you. We additionally provide both residential and commercial moving services. Get a free price estimate, or contact us today to learn more about our services.

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