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Moving Insurance Explained

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

If you are preparing for a move, then you’ve probably asked yourself, “Should I get moving insurance?” At Pack It Up Moving & Storage, a company that provides access to expert Greater Atlanta movers, we know how stressful it can be to pack up your entire life and personal belongings and leave it all in the hands of movers. Lucky for you, the best movers in Atlanta for homes and offices will tell you what you need to know about house moving insurance and whether it is right for you.

What Is Insurance for Moving?

The purpose of movers insurance is to compensate the policyholder in the event that their personal belongings are damaged, lost, or stolen during a move. Accidents may happen during a move, and moving insurance can help you recover items or at least some of the valuation of the items that were compromised in transit. The best moving insurance can vary greatly in coverage, so it is important to know what the various plans may entail.

Different Valuation Moving Insurance Coverage Options

A valuation is an amount a moving company will be responsible for if any of your personal belongings have been damaged during relocation. All interstate moving companies must offer two liability options to their customers as required by Federal law.

What Is the Most Basic Moving Insurance Coverage Offered?

A released Value Protection Policy is the most basic relocation insurance coverage offered by moving companies. It is automatically included in your total moving cost and provides the minimum coverage for both interstate and intrastate moves. Released Value Protection Moving Insurance offers the customer $0.60 per pound per item. While this might be good enough in some cases, released value protection may not be ideal if you have valuable items since you will only be compensated an almost insignificant percentage of their actual worth in the event that they are damaged or lost.

Full Value Protection

A moving insurance policy offered by most moving companies is known as Full Value Protection. This type of valuation coverage protects customers more if one of their personal items has been damaged or lost during transit. Having this move insurance while relocating means that the moving company is responsible for the current or depreciated value of your items. Our Buckhead movers noted that this ensures that you will receive compensation for the current market value of any damaged or lost items.

Our Alpharetta movers note that you should always be wary of items that may be of extraordinary value. Movers are not liable for items of extraordinary value that are lost, broken, or damaged. We recommend keeping an inventory of all your personal belongings, noting any existing scratches or marks before the movers arrive.

Should You Insure Your Move?

All professional moving companies have a moving insurance policy with different valuation options available. A further option is obtaining additional moving insurance from a third party. This should depend on the value of the items you are moving. Our Peachtree City movers recommend evaluating your items, as well as weather conditions, before purchasing third-party moving insurance. If you have specialty items and would like additional moving insurance coverage, consider full-value protection insurance.

Hiring the Movers Atlanta Can Trust

Pack It Up Moving and Storage in Atlanta offers a variety of residential and commercial moving services and storage options for a seamless transition to your new property. Our team of professional movers and packers is highly trained to ensure your items arrive damage-free.

We offer exceptional loading and unloading services in Georgia as well as packing services and storage units in Atlanta! Contact us today to speak with a Pack It Up Moving representative and find out more about our moving valuation options.

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