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How to Move a Piano

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

When moving you may understandably be worried about transporting valuable and fragile items. Unfortunately, most valuable items have a tendency to be fragile. When it comes to transporting fragile items, we have a fair amount of experience. A common question we receive is how to move a piano safely. Allow us to impart some of our experience gained from operating for more than twenty-five years as Georgia movers and packers.


The most important part of moving a piano is preparation. It is important to prep both the piano itself, along with the floors the piano will pass through. Whether you are moving a piano to the other side of the room, across town, or planning a long-distance move, pre-moving preparation will be similar. Plan the path with the shortest distance, least obstacles, and with enough room to travel safely. Make sure to measure each room and door frame the piano will pass through, and clear the path of all objects as best you can.

This also goes for the room it will be entering. If you are moving a far distance you will have some time while the piano is in transport, but make sure to measure the door frames, hallways, and rooms of your new home.

Lifting a Piano

When it comes to lifting a piano you will need to enlist the help of several friends. Our loading and unloading services in Atlanta always bring several workers to ensure the safety of workers and your belongings.

How to Move a Piano Up Steps or Down Steps

Moving a piano from different floor levels without the help of an elevator can be tricky. If you want to know how to easily move a piano, we recommend using a ramp and enlisting the help of several friends.

How to Store a Piano

For long-distance moves, you may require space to store your piano until you are able to transport it to its final destination. Made primarily of wood and metal, pianos are extremely sensitive to temperature and humidity. Make sure to choose storage units that are both temperature and humidity-controlled.

Piano Movers in Atlanta

A foolproof way to ensure your piano is safely moved to your new destination in a timely manner is to utilize our experienced piano movers. We also provide humidity and temperature-controlled storage units in Atlanta, perfect for storing a piano for however long you may need.

In addition to our piano moving services, we offer a variety of moving services, both residential and commercial. Choose our full service moving services, or pick and choose services where you need them, like our packing services, and manual labor services.

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