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Where to Safely Store Your Piano

Updated: May 12, 2022

Musical instruments are delicate, often expensive items. A piano’s large, heavy, and valuable nature makes them quite challenging to transport and store. Whether you need piano storage solutions due to an upcoming move, to create more space in your home, or to repair the instrument, there are several factors that you should be aware of to ensure your piano remains in its current condition.

Where Should You Store a Piano?

Pianos, regardless of size and model, are constructed of various woods and metals, both of which can be affected by several environmental factors. Humidity and extreme temperatures can have drastic negative effects on your instrument, causing the metal to rust and wear and the wood to warp and damage.

When storing a piano, you must always place it in a climate-controlled space, such as a spare room in your home or a temperature and humidity-controlled storage unit. The ideal temperature for storing your piano is between 65 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit, with humidity levels between 45% and 70%.

Additionally, try to avoid areas near windows that get sunlight. Contact with sunlight can affect the tuning stability of your instrument and fade the natural color or paint. Storing your unit against an inside wall in your home would be best.

Where Not to Store Your Piano

As mentioned above, humidity and temperature control are vital to the health and longevity of your instrument. As a result, outdoor storage, such as a patio or garage, does not make a great storage place for musical instruments. While your garage may have plenty of open space, most are fairly open to the elements.

If, however, you are fortunate enough to have a garage with heating, if in colder areas, or air conditioning, if in a warmer climate, then a garage may be a suitable storage option. We would recommend investing in a humidifier to ensure humidity levels are safe.

Piano Moving and Storage Solutions

As residential and business movers and storage providers in Atlanta, Georgia, we are quite familiar with the storing challenges associated with humidity and temperature controls. That is why all of our storage units in Atlanta are both temperature and humidity-controlled.

In addition, our Atlanta moving and storage company provides piano moving and storage services! Our experienced movers will come to your home, safely pack, transport, and store your piano, and return it to you when requested. Our piano movers are experienced, licensed, and insured, giving you peace of mind that your instrument will return to you in the same condition as it leaves in.

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