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Items You Can’t Put in Storage

So, you decided to get a storage unit, but the question remains: what can you do with a storage unit? What items aren’t allowed? At Pack It Up Moving & Storage, we have seen it all. People often unknowingly include items they can’t put in a rented storage unit, items that are unwarranted or against company regulations. To help you out, we have asked our team of professional movers and packers for a short guide on what not to put in storage.

What Not to Put in Storage

Storage units are a great opportunity to declutter your home and rid yourself of any items that may not be needed, whether you are putting away old baby clothes for future children or stowing your winter coats for the next season. But before you start packing things for storage, our Druid Hills packers suggest getting familiar with your storage facility’s rules and regulations.

You’d be surprised by the items you can’t put in storage so be prepared. Find out what items are or aren’t allowed in your storage unit.

Items That are Combustible or Flammable

Our Stone Mountain team highly recommends not putting combustible or flammable items in your rented storage unit. Flammable items such as propane tanks, fireworks, and Kerosene lamps can put your unit at a high risk of catching on fire. If there is ever a spike in temperature within your unit, these flammable items could explode. Here are a few more combustible examples of what not to put in your unit:

- Lighter fluid

- Gasoline and items containing gasoline

- Asbestos

- Jerry cans or fuel cans

- Cleaning products

- Paint, paint thinner, and paint remover

- Roofing tar

- Pesticides

- Biological waste

Non-Operational, Uninsured, Unregistered Vehicles

As you’re considering what not to put in storage, remember that certain vehicles aren’t allowed due to storage unit restrictions. Make sure that any boats, RVs, trailers, cars, and trucks you plan on storing all have the appropriate paperwork. The only vehicles that are allowed in rented storage units must be fully registered, insured, and in operable condition. Before packing things for storage, you will be asked to show proof of vehicle registration as well as a valid driver’s license.

Live Plants

Our Buckhead team is always in shock every time they come across live plants in a storage unit. Live plants are likely against a storage facility’s rules and regulations. Plants simply cannot survive without daily sunshine and regular water, so there’s no reason they should be stored in a dark unit with no water source.

While you may store shovels, pots, and gardening tools within your unit, you are unable to store live plants. Plants also attract insects and other pests so it’s best to keep your live plants in the garden.

Yourself & Animals (dead or alive)

Perhaps you want to get creative about what you can do with a storage unit. Whatever you do, though, do not consider housing any animals, alive or dead, in a storage unit. Your 50-gallon fish tank or a pet hamster do not belong in your rented storage unit. And neither do you!

Unfortunately, you are unable to store yourself in a unit or use it as a workspace since it is against storage unit regulations to live or work from a storage unit. In short, you can’t turn your storage unit into your new living room away from the family or set up your new office for business.

Wet Items & Scented Items

Scented or wet items are also on our list of what not to put in a storage unit. Our Peachtree City movers say that storing wet items in your unit will lead to mold, mildew, and bacteria. Gross!

We also suggest steering clear of perishable foods or any items with strong scents. These items can attract unwanted rodents and insects; we are sure that your storage unit neighbors won’t be too thrilled about these guests either.

When it comes to packing things for storage, we recommend using common sense, and if you are ever unsure about what not to put in a storage unit, ask one of our professional team members for help. We are happy to assist in any way we can! There are plenty of reasons to hire professional packers to help relieve the stress of packing things for storage.

If you are looking for Atlanta storage solutions, then be sure to count on Pack It Up Moving & Storage. We offer incredible packing, loading, and unloading services for all your residential and commercial needs. Our protected warehouse is the perfect place to store all your belongings.

Call one of our Pack It Up Moving & Storage representatives today for more information on our storage units in Atlanta, GA.

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