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Safety Checklists for New Homeowners

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Purchasing a new home, apartment, or condominium is equal parts exciting and stressful. A new home is an expensive investment and commitment but can be extremely rewarding both financially and personally. When you finally begin moving into your new home, there are a few last steps to take to ensure that your home is fully prepared to live in, one of these being completing a new home safety checklist.

Why You Should Complete Safety Checklists for a New Home

Some of these checks should be done prior to purchasing the home, as inspections can find issues that the seller has failed to disclose and could be a cause for needed renovations. Further safety checks should be performed after purchasing the home to make sure that the rooms in your home are safe and up to code.

Safety Checklists for Your Bedrooms and Living Rooms

These rooms are where the most time is spent in your home and should therefore be complete with proper safety measures.

  • Designate an escape route.

    • Hopefully, this never has to be used; however, having an escape route from the bedrooms and living room in case of a fire or natural disaster can be life-saving.

  • Install and check fire and carbon monoxide detectors.

  • Inspect and replace outlet and light switch covers, if needed.

    • This is especially important if you have pets and children.

  • Create a home inventory list.

    • In the event of a fire or destruction to your home, an inventory will assist you in reimbursement from your home or renters insurance.

Safety Checklist for Your Hallways

  • Install and check fire and carbon monoxide detectors.

  • Secure any rugs you may have.

    • These can be secured with adhesive tape and will help prevent members of your household from tripping and injuring themselves.

  • Consider adding night lights.

    • Night lights can be useful for members of your household of any age, but especially for small children or elderly members. These can be very beneficial for hallways connecting bedrooms to bathrooms in the house.

Safety Checklist for Your Bathrooms

Most of these checklists should be completed before purchasing your home to avoid costly renovations. If you have already purchased or moved into a new home, still complete these checks to avoid potential future damage.

  • Inspect all pipes.

    • Pipes are subject to corrosion and loosening, which without proper diagnosis and fixes can cause major water and plumbing damage to your home.

  • Test faucets and toilets.

  • Inspect for mold around tiles and caulk.

  • Locate the main water shut-off valve.

  • Add grab bars and non-slip bath mats to your shower and bathtub.

Safety Checklist for Your Kitchen

  • Inspect fire and carbon monoxide detectors.

  • Install or replace a fire extinguisher.

  • Inspect all appliances for damage, age, and make sure they are properly installed and secured.

  • Inspect range hood, and clean if necessary.

    • Grease can build up and become a fire and ventilation hazard.

  • Clean appliance coils and vents.

    • Dust and debris build up in appliances, creating a fire hazard.

  • Replace water filters if needed.

  • Inspect and clean the garbage disposal and drains.

  • Inspect pipes for corrosion and looseness.

Safety Checklist for Your Basement and Major Appliances

  • Locate and test the breaker panel.

  • Inspect your HVAC system.

  • Change air filters.

  • Inspect your water heater.

  • Clean air ducts and vents.

Additional Checklist for Your New Home

Once you have ensured that the rooms and major appliances in your home are up to code, you can begin moving in your belongings and begin settling into your new home. We provide moving, packing, and storage services to the Atlanta, Georgia, area. With all the inspections, research, and planning you have completed for your new home, allow us to assist you so that you’ll have less work.

Our expert packers and movers are skilled in even the most complex items, such as piano moving services, and are highly adept at both local and long-distance moves. For more information or price estimates on our services, contact us today.

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