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Understanding the Atlanta Housing Market

When looking to relocate to a new area, it is crucial to understand the housing market of your new home to help decide if you are going to consider owning or renting a home in Atlanta. In order to make understanding the Atlanta housing market easier Pack it Up Moving and Storage, the best moving company in Atlanta, has put their team to the test and created this quick guide for anyone considering relocating to or within the city. 25 years of experience relocating within this area has given the team the expertise necessary to consider every aspect of the Atlanta real estate market.

Looking To Buy a Home in the Atlanta Residential Real Estate Market?

The current housing market in Atlanta is booming, with roughly half of the residential property being purchased. Being allocated as primary homes for families there is clearly a demand for homes in the city. The growth in the Atlanta housing market, prices being up roughly 18% year-over-year, is a direct result of growing opportunities and population in this phenomenal city. If you are looking to generate wealth, and if previous changes in the median home price in Atlanta are anything to go by, this is a great time to start. If only 50% of the residential real estate market in Atlanta is being taken up by families as primary homes, what is the other 50% being allocated to? The answer is that about half of the housing market in Atlanta is used as an investment property by landlords who rent out their properties to tenants. Analyzing the Atlanta housing market for renters is also a must when speaking of opportunities and conditions in the area and our Atlanta apartment movers have plenty of experience in this area.

Guide to the Atlanta Rental Market

The real estate market in Atlanta, and any city, will always have to include an analysis of what renters can expect to be paying every month to their landlord. Our Atlanta home movers have noticed some interesting trends to follow and consider when looking to relocate from one apartment to another. The main thing to note is that rent has gone up 23% year over year in the city. That can be attributed to the booming employment market, which has led to a massive increase in opportunities within the city and hence price increases in the Atlanta housing market for renters. Come prepared and with an understanding that the average rental price for a three-bedroom apartment is currently sitting at $2,400 in the city proper.

Our Moving and Packing Company in Atlanta Is Ready to Help!

Hopefully, this guide has helped you better understand the Atlanta housing market before your next move to or within the city, and when it comes time to move be sure to partner up with the best possible home movers in Atlanta! Pack it Up Moving and Storage offers the premier relocation service in the area and would be proud to serve you and your family. We offer a long list of services which includes everything from moving to storage solutions. Get your free estimate today, or reach out to our team to learn more. Be sure to take a look at some of our other articles to learn more about all things relocation and lifestyle in the Atlanta greater area.

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