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Tips for Moving During the Summer

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Summer can be a great time to move. There are various reasons and benefits for moving during the summer months, which we’ve outlined in a previous blog, 5 Benefits of Moving During the Summer. There are, however, some challenges you may encounter during your move. As a residential and commercial moving and storage services provider in Atlanta, Georgia, we are no strangers to these challenges, and we have compiled some tips for moving during the heat of summer.

Planning Out Your Summer Move

Hiring a Moving Company

Planning your move is a great way to prepare for as little heavy lifting and physical activity as possible in the hot summer sun. Summer is a popular moving season, and finding a reliable moving company means acting early. It is best to begin searching and booking a moving company about two months before your planned moving date.

If possible, try to schedule your move on days and time periods outside of high traffic and travel times. Trying to relocate during rush hour will only increase stress and the time needed for your move, while increased travel periods such as Labor Day weekend can cause delays for both moving trucks and yourself.

Pack Early

If you choose not to hire packing services, planning out days for packing your belongings will allow you to avoid having to rush your packing in the uncomfortable heat.

Research the Area

In addition to planning out your moving services and packing duties, it is a good idea to do some research into the area you are moving to. If you are looking to move to Atlanta, Georgia, for example, you won’t want to schedule your moving trucks to arrive at 1:00 PM on a hot August day as moving in your boxes and belongings would be unbearable in the heat. Try to schedule moving times during the cooler hours, either early in the morning or late afternoon, which will help you avoid the hotter parts of the day.

Packing Items In the Summer

It is crucial to carefully pack items that can be affected by the heat. You should consider bringing electronic devices that can overheat, for example, with you in your car rather than leaving them inside the back of the moving truck, which may not be air-conditioned. Other items such as instruments, CDs, and records can be damaged by high heat and should be moved with extreme care in temperature-controlled vehicles. Also, some items that can melt in high temperatures, such as candles, should not be placed in boxes with other objects to avoid potential damage and mess. Lastly, make sure to dress in light, comfortable clothing. Overheating can occur during the summer, especially with the physical exertion needed for a move.

In addition to our moving and packing services, we provide experienced piano moving services that will ensure your instrument arrives in the same condition that it left your home in.

Make Your Summer Move Stress-Free

For those looking to move to or from the Atlanta, Georgia area, we provide expert local and long-distance moving services. Avoid having to load and carry heavy furniture and boxes and let our experienced movers assist you. Contact us today for all of your moving and storage needs.

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